First Things First….

I am NOT an expert. I’m just a guy like you. I own a Jeep.

I have done things to a brand new 2014 Rubicon that would make a dealer cringe. I have made mistakes. I know how to correct them. I have read, researched, debated, lamented, cursed, and worried about the beast that lives in my driveway. Some things we do to our beloved machines are good, some are bad. Some make a difference, some are not worth the time of day. We do it anyway.

I have been a wheeling enthusiast for most of my life. As far back as I can remember either I or someone I knew had a truck that would come back from a weekend excursion covered in mud and glory. Sometimes I was a passenger, sometimes I was a driver, sometimes just came to watch. We always had a good time.

The time I remember most, without exception, was my first experience with a Jeep. No, it wasn’t mine. It belonged to a friends father, who on occasion, would let his son take the Jeep on one of our many mud fests. At the time I had a lifted neon blue Ford F-150. It wasn’t the biggest dog in the pack, but it wasn’t the smallest either, it did the job. Well, as it happens, we were dashing through the mud, and the crud, and the cornfields when I found myself buried up to my frame in pool of muck and filth that could only be called “quicksand”. Poor form, especially when the 1941 Jeep went right through, no problem. My friend stopped his Jeep, looked back and smiled. You know, that kind of smile that says “I’m about to school you”.  He backed the Jeep up and without saying word,  jumped out, hooked at tow strap my mighty Ford F-150. Then he began to pull, not hard, just a gentle tug. The little skinny tires of the jeep began to churn that 4-lo grind. An all too familiar slow motion wheel rotation at idle. Then something happened, my truck slowly began to move. Really, this little four banger WW II throw back was moving my truck? I sat astonished behind the wheel, and then I saw something I will never forget, he gets out of the Jeep. wheels still churning. What the…? Oh no, he’s coming toward me. He stops at my window and says “Ya know, this will be a lot quicker if you help”.  Lesson learned.

Since that day, I have always admired the Jeep. I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner, maybe it was work pressure, maybe I thought I was being a responsible member of my family, maybe that day didn’t really set in until now. I have one now. I love my Jeep.

In the following pages I will document some of the things I’m doing to my Jeep and show you how I did it, and why I did it, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Welcome to Effing Jeep .Com



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