AEV Procal

By now you have probably lifted your rig and added those fancy wheels and tires you’ve always wanted….

You’re done right?


What you have done is is change the vehicles geometry, driving characteristics, shortened the life of the drive line, ball joints, tie rod ends, drive shafts, etc. Sounds bad when I put it that way, like you made the worst mistake of your life. You know, that time you went to that party, passed out, and your friends posted the pictures on some XXX website….

I digress…

If you have an automatic transmission your Jeep goes into limp mode. Which by the way, sucks a lot.

If you have a manual transmission your speedometer is off by as much as 7 MPH @ 70 MPH. If you have cops like we have around here, that turns you into a fine revenue source for the local “po po”.

Either way this need to be corrected, before the local police get all of your hard earned upgrade money.

Procal Show

This little jewel handles the fun stuff the local Stealership ( Yes, I meant Stealership ) will not correct or cannot correct. It will:

  • Correct the speedometer
  • Change the functionality of the one touch turn signals
  • Clear engine codes
  • Recalibrate the the TPMS system
  • increase engine idle speed
  • Optimize ESP Performance

ProCal Module

In just a few minutes you can get your Jeep back in top condition. You just need the Procal and this handy cheat sheet…

ProCal Quick Reference

This is easy to do and you’ll be back on the trail in no time.

For Full Instructions Click Here

If you would like more information, here is the manufacturers website

AEV ProCal

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